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FDIHub – A Site for Foreign Direct Investor

With more than 5,000 trade zones around the world, investors need a platform to discover FDI related information and government agencies needs a place to promote and market locations and policies.

FDIHub is the only industry networking site and information aggregation platform for discovering locations, learning about investment policies of different countries and understanding benefits of various zones.

FDIHub works with zone operators and government agencies and facilitates information distribution and offers a networking platform for investors and interested parties.

Connecting Investors, zone operators and government agencies

FDIHub provides an information platform, networking tools and professional services marketplace to connect three key groups.

FDIHub, through invitation only platform, government agencies can promote various policies and locations and operators can market individual zones.

Investors – Discover Investment Opportunities

FDIHub is the only industry based networking site for investors and investment agencies.

Foreign investors often struggle to find information from various government agencies and reach out to key decision makers.

With the help of FDIHub, now investors can keep up with information from different countries, regions and network with other investors and connect with enablers and services providers in faraway places.

Zones Operators – Promote Your Location

Operating trade and economic zone is a challenging tasks and operators can now reach out to investors and communicate information to investors.

FDI Hub, provides a platform to promote zones, share photos and videos, market and reach out to new clients.

Zone operators can create a free or a custom profile and upload and share presentations, photos and videos.

Government Agencies –Market Your Nation

FDIHub is an invitation only platform for trade authorities and agencies to educate, share and market potential investors.

Government agencies can take advantage of our free or custom profiles and organize presentations on policies, recent developments, discuss case studies and highlight business opportunities.

With the help of our presentation aggregation platform, networking tools and sharing technologies, agencies can now build a personalized industry network.

Professional Services Providers – Get Discovered

Every successful foreign investment needs help of many professionals, not limited to accountants, lawyers, real estate agents, contractors.

There professional services providers can now create a free or a custom profile and educate potential investor about business practices and cultural preferences.

Events and Publishers – List and Promote

With the help of industry network and calendar tools, event organizers and publishers can market focused events and publications.

How it Works?