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Corporations – Financial and Investment

Corporations may promote new products and services on home page or on presentation listing page.

Home page ad banner is designed to offera broad and prominent presence to investment community.

FDI generates listing page based on presentation categories, intermediaries and other subject based categories. FDI platform allows publishers to target message to a select and professional audience.

FDI offers custom profile page to corporations and organize presentations and calendar, networking and survey tools.

Through FDI platform corporations may distribute presentations and reach out to intermediaries and create a buzz and initiate reviews and generate viral marketing.


Financial advisors, planners and other intermediaries can create a professional identity on the site and network with peers, investment and financial product providers.

With the help of profile, intermediaries can promote, share and display latest insights, presentations and practice updates.

Industry Associations

FDI offers a platform to industry associations to disseminate industry insights and market benefits of memberships to a wider professional community.

Financial Publishers

Publishers of books, research and other content can now reach directly to the people in the financial and investment community.

Authors and publishers can discuss book, topics and promote latest publications to intermediaries, corporations and self-directed investors.

Expos - Events and Shows

Financial events and event organizers can promote events, conferences and workshops and actively seek visitors and complete online registration through FDI.

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