Enabling New Business - Facts And Figures

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2) Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) works all over the world to support entrepreneurs and promote Switzerland as a business location. As a center of excellence for internationalization its role is to foster exports, imports and investments, to help clients develop new potential for their international businesses and to strengthen Switzerland as an economic hub. S-GE is a strong and trusted partner for its clients, the cantons and the Swiss government, with a global network of experienced advisers and experts. S-GE is the association for export-oriented SMEs in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. It has over 2,213 members, most of them SMEs doing business abroad, as well as industry associations and chambers of industry and commerce.

3) FOREWORD Dear Reader, On behalf of the Swiss government, through our mandate to promote export, import and investment, we help SMEs access new business. We aim to support and inspire SMEs, in keeping with the motto “Enabling new business” . The word “Switzerland” in our name stands for Switzerland as a business hub and center of value creation. “Global” stands for our worldwide activities and the challenges of internationalization. “Enterprise” stands for entrepreneurship. On behalf of the Swiss government, through our mandate to promote export, import and investment, we help SMEs access new business. Thanks to the confidence and appreciation of more than 2,200 members, we support you and numerous other Swiss SMEs in opening up new markets. Internationalization is vital for Switzerland. Swiss companies earn every second franc abroad, underpinning the country’s prosperity. In many branches of industry, innovative Swiss companies are world market and quality leaders. DANIEL KÜNG CEO Switzerland Global Enterprise We are delighted that we are able to contribute to their success abroad. It is an equal pleasure to support companies from partner countries exporting to Switzerland and Europe, and to afford Swiss importers access to new products. The fact that Switzerland is an ideal location for technology-driven and addedvalue-intensive foreign companies is confirmed by the position our business locations achieve in international rankings of competitiveness, year in, year out. Apart from our Swiss locations in Zurich, Lausanne and Lugano, we operate 40 branch offices worldwide, staffed with experts who are familiar with local conditions and can open doors. Country and sector analyses, export strategy consulting and support in finding contacts – we keep you in touch, monitor trends, pinpoint business opportunities abroad and make new business connections. Daniel Küng ENABLING NEW BUSINESS 3

4) CORPORATE CORPORATE 2014 120 employees in Switzerland 2,213 members s-ge.com/member +2,5% growth in membership S-GE is represented abroad by Swiss Business Hubs. The majority of these local teams are based at a Swiss Embassy or Swiss Consulate-General. In certain countries, the bilateral chambers of trade or other organizations take on this role. Following an initial consulting session in Switzerland, the Swiss Business Hubs are the next point of contact for customers in the export country concerned. In addition, these hubs are responsible for promoting Switzerland as a business location abroad. All hubs have a first-rate network of contacts abroad on account of their official status. As a publicly funded and non-profit organization, S-GE always acts in an objective and neutral manner. FACTS AND FIGURES 2014 – 21 Swiss business hubs – SMEs supported in 75 countries (see grayed-in areas on map above) – 255 companies supported at trade fairs (SWISS pavilion) abroad – 12,536 contacts and queries from importers from Switzerland and the EU – 338 foreign companies with potential for relocation referred to cantons

5) EXPORT GREAT SUPPORT FROM THE OUTSET INFORMATION ADVICE NETWORKING As part of its remit from the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO, Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) acts as a center of excellence for internationalization, helping Swiss companies, especially SMEs, identify and develop new business potential on a worldwide basis. It does so by providing regular information about relevant trends in global markets, as well as professional advice and support in finding contacts and partners, and identifying new business opportunities. Our country advisers and sector experts will help you take the right steps to prepare for exporting. From pinpointing the right target market through to professional selection of distribution partners, customers and authorities – we will help you prepare for successful market entry and develop your target market quickly, profitably and sustainably. Take advantage of our events on countries, sectors and relevant issues, brought to you by specialists in the field. You can get authoritative advice on every target country, either in personal interviews or at one of our one-day seminars, which we can offer free of charge thanks to our public funding. We will also provide support on the ground: for example, entrepreneur visits which give the opportunity to meet distribution partners and potential customers, and exchange information with other SMEs. MEMBERS BENEFIT Members benefit from attractive pricing on chargeable services and exclusive offers. Membership facilitates and promotes exchange and networking among decision-makers in internationally oriented SMEs. www.s-ge.com/members EXPORTHELP – YOUR FIRST PORT OF CALL Do you have questions about customs duties, value-added tax or designations of origin? Our ExportHelp team is there as your first point of contact to offer a helping hand with technical questions relating to exporting. Qualified specialists with many years’ experience and proven expertise answer over 1,800 queries a year. For free advice contact: exporthelp@s-ge.com, phone 0844 811 812 OFFICIAL PROGRAM TRADE FAIRS: AN INTERNATIONAL SHOWCASE FOR YOUR COMPANY EXPORT PROMOTION 2014 2,951 consulting sessions with Swiss SMEs Our SWISS Pavilion at trade fairs across the world offer SMEs the opportunity to present their own products and services to a wide audience under the umbrella brand of “Switzerland” We will provide support before, during and after the trade . fair with administration and organization so you can concentrate your resources on your core business. Make the initial contact with potential distributors and customers, and test their interest. And now our Mini SWISS Pavilion offer a cost-efficient, uncomplicated way of taking a first step toward new opportunities. Get a personal insight into new markets without long preparations. YOUR INTERNATIONALIZATION PARTNER Irrespective of whether you are exporting for the first time or want to build an international presence, S-GE provides support during different stages of development and in planning and realizing the next steps. In addition to our country and sector know-how, we offer a unique global network. 85 Trade and Investment Officers outside Switzerland 5,142 Swiss companies supported ENABLING NEW BUSINESS 5

6) “Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) put us in touch with United Machinery, an expert partner with a solid track record in Russia. Thanks to their support, we have been able to develop a comprehensive solution for the distribution of our automatic welding helmets in the Russian market.” Marco Koch, Chairman of the Board, Optrel Optrel AG, based in Wattwil in Toggenburg, manufactures active glare protection products used in applications such as welding safety systems and protective goggles for medical staff. The company exports 95 percent of its output.

7) OUR FOCUS SECTORS – Food – ICT – Life sciences – MEM FOCUS ON GROWTH SECTORS We have extensive knowledge of key international growth sectors and are constantly monitoring the markets. Thanks to our close contact with exportoriented companies and worldwide presence in key markets for Switzerland’s export industry, we always have our finger on the pulse of current developments and are able to open the right doors and provide valuable contacts. SMEs expanding abroad are also supported through our export platforms Cleantech Switzerland and Swiss Health. INDUSTRY KNOW-HOW THROUGH COOPERATION WITH ASSOCIATIONS The associations of the most important Swiss exporting industries are also members of S-GE. By working closely with them, we are able to offer our clients an ideal combination of internationalization know-how and industry intelligence. ATTRACTIVE EVENTS: SWISS FOREIGN TRADE FORUM, COUNTRY EVENTS AND S-GE IMPULSE EVENTS Acquire in-depth knowledge of foreign markets and take advantage of our events to expand your network. Get first-hand information and draw on the experience of other entrepreneurs at our country events and “Impulse Events” For . example at the Swiss Foreign Trade Forum: every spring you can make the most of the opportunity to meet 600 decision-makers from export-oriented Swiss SMEs. “Every year, our business benefits from the SWISS Pavilion at the PLMA Amsterdam, for us as private label manufacturers the most important platform. S-GE ensures a strong presence at the trade show and relieves us of the burden of administration, stand construction and hospitality. That frees us up to concentrate on acquiring new business and focus on customer care.” Lukas Eggenschwiler, Export Sales Manager, HACO AG, Gümligen – member since 1992 “Every year, the Swiss Foreign Trade Forum offers our customers three significant advantages. The event is an ideal platform for networking. The Forum attracts top speakers who give companies fresh impetus and ideas. The country advisers who attend are the third plus: our customers can network and exchange ideas with the experts from S-GE.” Urs P. Gauch, Head of SME Business Switzerland, Credit Suisse AG, Premium Partner of Switzerland Global Enterprise – member since 1989 “Through the collaboration with S-GE, the Textile Federation makes sure its members have the best possible access to S-GE’s expertise in internationalization.” Aline Kloetzer, Head of Economy and Statistics, Swiss Textile Federation (TVS) – member since 1992 ENABLING NEW BUSINESS 7

8) “Through Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) we have gained access to new contacts in the European market, giving a real boost to our business expansion.” Patricia Matto Lainez Lozada, Sales Manager, ATISA Thanks to its participation in the Swiss Import Promotion Programme SIPPO, ATISA, a family-owned company from Peru, was able to conquer new export markets in Europe for its fresh-frozen quality white shrimps. Within one year, ATISA doubled its payroll to around 40 employees.

9) IMPORT WE CONNECT WE SUPPORT WE BUILD TRUST S-GE works on behalf of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO to support SMEs from selected partner countries, facilitating market access and opening up new business opportunities in Switzerland and the European Union. In this way, S-GE helps to strengthen the competitiveness of the companies concerned as well as trade relations between Switzerland, the EU and the partner countries. Importers in Switzerland and the EU benefit from contacts with reliable suppliers in the partner countries. OFFICIAL PROGRAMME MARKET ACCESS AND OPENINGS FOR SMES FROM PARTNER COUNTRIES AND EUROPE If you are searching for new products and reliable trading partners, Import Promotion is the right place to look. Importers from Switzerland and the EU benefit from intelligence about new market opportunities and access to new products. BENEFITS FOR SMES FROM PARTNER COUNTRIES Import Promotion strengthens trade bodies and business support organizations in selected partner countries. Import Promotion fosters professional trade relations between SMEs from selected partner countries and importers from Switzerland, the European Union and EFTA member states. At international trade fairs and selling mission events, Import Promotion facilitates presentations for selected SMEs and brings them together with potential customers. BENEFITS FOR SWISS AND EUROPEAN IMPORTERS Import Promotion offers importers in Switzerland and the EU the chance to get to know about new products and market opportunities. On buyer missions, importers can meet reliable suppliers in partner countries. The package also includes visits to trade shows and networking opportunities with key industry representatives. SWISS IMPORT PROMOTION PROGRAMME SIPPO The SIPPO program offers importers in Switzerland and the EU the chance to get to know about new products and market opportunities, and supports SMEs in partner countries exporting to Europe. – Partner countries SME from the following countries can apply for admission: Albania, Bolivia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cambodia, Colombia, Egypt, Indonesia, Macedonia, Peru, Serbia, South Africa, Ukraine and Vietnam. IMPORT PROMOTION 2014 12,536 contacts of importers from Switzerland and the EU with suppliers from partner countries – Focus countries The Swiss Import Promotion Programme SIPPO supports SMEs in partner countries exporting to European focus countries (EU, Switzerland and other EFTA countries). – Sectors – Food: fruit and vegetables, fish and seafood, natural ingredients – Non-food: fashion, furniture and home decoration – Technical products: industrial subcontracting, software development, technical wood – Sustainable tourism 71 m CHF export growth in partner countries 3,301 jobs newly created in partner countries ENABLING NEW BUSINESS 9

10) INVEST INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY SECURITY AND TRUST ENVIRONMENT AND LIFE OFFICIAL PROGRAM As part of its remit from the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO and the cantons, S-GE provides potential foreign investors with information about the particular strengths and operating conditions of Switzerland as a business location. Its services for foreign companies include assessing the potential of their projects before they are presented to the cantons. S-GE assists the cantons with the relocation of foreign companies, providing market and trend analyses and coordinating the activities of all the bodies involved in the promotion of Switzerland as a business location.

11) LOCATION WITH MANY ADVANTAGES INVESTMENT PROMOTION 2014 338 potential corporate relocations referred to the cantons 90 events in ten target markets Switzerland is the most competitive business center in the world. Innovative strength and technology, a liberal economic system, political stability and close ties with foreign markets, excellent education and health systems, outstanding infrastructure and high quality of life, plus a competitive tax system – all good reasons for companies to establish themselves in Switzerland. LEADING INDUSTRY CLUSTERS – MEM (machinery, electrical engineering, metals) – ICT (information and communications technology) – Life sciences (chemicals, pharma, medtech, biotech) – Cleantech HIGH INNOVATION POTENTIAL – STRONG EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM Well-qualified, skilled workers with wide-ranging language skills and high innovation potential are Switzerland’s greatest assets. The basis is provided by a strong educational system, a competitive research landscape and world-leading industry clusters. POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC STABILITY Switzerland is politically and economically stable; the federal political system is a formula for a high level of investment security. With low unemployment, low inflation, low capital costs, a stable currency, a positive investment climate and a healthy capital market, as well as solid purchasing power and moderate levels of taxation, the Swiss economy is one of the most liberal and competitive in the world. Gross domestic product is significantly higher than the EU average. QUALITY OF LIFE According to the Mercer rankings, Zurich, Geneva and Bern are among the world’s most attractive cities. Whether the measure is income, schooling or security, both urban and rural areas of Switzerland regularly achieve top grades. Other considerations are the unspoilt natural environment, the diversity of landscape, a first-class health system and reliable infrastructure. “As a corporate location Switzerland is a springboard for the expansion of our European business. Apart from great international connections and the excellent infrastructure, the presence of the federal institutes of technology is another factor in Switzerland’s favor. We hope this will lead to an active transfer of technology and access to well-qualified workers.” Silvio Lehmann, CEO, DMG MORI SEIKI Europe The world’s biggest machine tool manufacturer is building its European headquarters on the Sulzer site in Winterthur. ENABLING NEW BUSINESS 11

12) Social Media Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter: s-ge.com/LinkedIn twitter.com/sge Switzerland Global Enterprise Stampfenbachstrasse 85 CH-8006 Zürich T +41 44 365 51 51 Switzerland Global Enterprise Corso Elvezia 16 CH-6901 Lugano T +41 91 601 86 86 Switzerland Global Enterprise Avenue d’Ouchy 47 – CP 315 CH-1001 Lausanne T +41 21 545 94 94 s-ge.com info@s-ge.com PREMIUM PARTNER STRATEGIC PARTNERS XL Group Insurance OFFICIAL PROGRAMMES © SWITZERLAND GLOBAL ENTERPRISE | March 2015 | All rights reserved