Growth In Exports - Swiss Business Hubs - Are you aiming to expand your business internationally

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1) Information – Consulting – Networking GROWTH IN EXPORTS

2) Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) was founded in 1927 as a non-profit association. Its mandate as an official export promoter comes from the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO). As a Center of Excellence for Internationalization, S-GE helps companies – especially SMEs – in Switzerland and Liechtenstein to identify and make use of sales opportunities around the world. We provide consultancy and support services to companies on an individual basis, with an emphasis on supplying contacts and helping develop new business opportunities. With 90 years’ experience, S-GE has been instrumental in shaping the history of Swiss export trade. Alongside its work promoting exports, S-GE has been involved in promoting the advantages of Switzerland as a business location to foreign companies and also in import promotion on behalf of companies in selected partner countries.

3) Go International Whether you are planning to start exporting for the very first time or hoping to further expand your existing international presence, Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) will support you in your present development phase and help you with each step in the process of planning and implementing the internationalization of your business. Take advantage of our wealth of experience and our official status in your target countries. 1. PREPARING TO EXPORT Are you aiming to expand your business internationally and looking for foreign markets for your products? Our experienced specialists can advise you on the best way to proceed. 2. COUNTRY ANALYSIS Looking for a new market for your products and services? Choosing the right market and understanding it fully can be a real challenge, but with our extensive network and years of experience behind us we are in an excellent position to help. 3. MARKET ENTRY Do you need some practical knowledge about how to work the market you have chosen and expand your business there? Our experts based both in Switzerland and in the target country will conduct a professional analysis of that market and evaluate its potential so that you can build up your sales. 4. BUSINESS PARTNERS Are you seeking reliable business partners in your target market? Our network enables us to identify potential business partners for you so that you can expand your presence in the target market. After that we are available to provide further support with the follow-up steps as required. 5. GLOBAL IMPLEMENTATION Who can help you reinforce your international presence, open up new markets abroad and make more of your potential in your existing markets? We can: with our in-depth knowledge of the specific requirements in different countries and the local business culture there, you can rely on us to set you up for future success. Our services cover over 70 countries, providing information, consultancy and contacts. EXPORT PROMOTION ANNUAL FIGURES 2014 2,951 consultancy meetings in Switzerland 720 customer projects 5,142 Swiss companies supported GROWTH IN EXPORTS 3

4) SWISS BUSINESS HUBS 21 America Brazil / São Paulo Canada / Montreal Mexico / Mexico City USA / New York City Europe Austria / Vienna France / Paris Germany / Stuttgart Italy / Milan Poland / Warsaw Russia / Moscow Spain / Madrid Turkey / Istanbul UK / London Africa South Africa / Pretoria Asia ASEAN / Singapore China / Beijing China / Hong Kong Gulf States / Dubai India / Mumbai Japan / Tokyo South Korea / Seoul SMEs supported in 75 countries (blue) International Network After an initial discussion in Switzerland with the relevant country consultant, your next port of call should be the Swiss Business Hubs. These foreign-based representatives of S-GE usually work out of a Swiss Embassy or Consulate-General. The official Swiss presence enables employees, who are usually locally recruited, to access reliable information and find the best connections with which to network the Swiss companies. In certain countries, this role is adopted by bilateral chambers of commerce.

5) NATIONAL NETWORK For S-GE to work effectively it needs to have a firm foothold in the Swiss regions, as well as managing a smoothly functioning network around the globe. This applies especially to all the commercially important countries and regions. Within Switzerland, S-GE maintains close contacts with the cantonal chambers of commerce and industry and also participates in cooperation agreements and projects in which we collaborate with industry associations and specialists. GLOBAL NETWORK Our work in the area of export promotion involves a key role for the Swiss Business Hubs. These are present in 21 countries and regions of importance to the Swiss export industry. S-GE can count on support from embassies, consulates, chambers of foreign trade as well as partners in the private sector. EXPERT DIRECTORY FURTHER INFORMATION s-ge.com/map s-ge.com/expertdirectory The Expert Directory is an online register of internationalization and export specialists. In it, you can find local experts in the fields of strategy, marketing, sales, law, logistics and human resources. This resource is quick and easy to use – and free of charge. GROWTH IN EXPORTS 5

6) INFORMATION Markets Export know-how News / studies CONSULTING Analysis Strategy Implementation CONTACTS Partners / companies Government agencies Trade fair participants NETWORK Swiss Business Hubs, embassies, chambers of commerce, specialists, export platforms, associations, partners Enabling New Business The following provides an overview of the targeted, individualized, modular services that will help you develop your foreign market to best effect. INFORMATION COUNTRIES, INDUSTRIES, TOPICS Make sure you are always up to speed on the latest developments in various markets, countries and industries by subscribing to export.news, our free Export newsletter (available in German, French and Italian). You can also visit our website, which provides a wealth of useful information. EXPORTHELP Our ExportHelp team is there to provide initial advice and information to SMEs on all aspects of export trade, such as free trade agreements, customs issues, value added tax and designations of origin. There is no charge for any inquiries that can be answered straight away or only need a maximum of one hour’s research. ONLINE TOOLS Switzerland Global Enterprise can provide an extremely wide range of online tools which can assist you in various areas of internationalization. EVENTS Consolidate your knowledge of the export industry. Build up your list of contacts at the Swiss Foreign Trade Forum, at our country-specific events and industry forums, and through the regular members’ events. CONSULTANCY INITIAL AND COUNTRY-SPECIFIC CONSULTING EXPORTHELP A free consultancy service for SMEs s-ge.com/exporthelp exporthelp@s-ge.com T 0844 811 812 An initial personal meeting with our country advisers will give you an opportunity to analyze your export plans in depth and gain your first important knowledge and experience. This first consultation is free of charge and you can then decide which of our additional services you would like to make use of. We are always happy to visit you on site or welcome you at our offices in Zurich, Lausanne or Lugano. MARKET FINDER The online “Market Navigator” tool will help get you started in your search for the most attractive market for your company, with 30 adjustable indicators and a selection of 100 countries to enable you to compare and evaluate the markets in relation to your specific requirements. We will be happy to work with you to put practical plans in place for your export business. You can also take advantage of a tailored strategic workshop or a personal consultation meeting with our country specialists. MARKET ANALYSES If you require information about a certain market and would like to know more about requirements relating to a specific product or country, we can provide you with specially tailored services ranging from a general overview of the market to a detailed analysis.

7) LEGAL CLARIFICATION We will clarify the legal situation in a specific country on your behalf to smooth your path into that market. Our consultancy services cover contracts, trademarks, intellectual property rights and many other issues. MARKETING SUPPORT Together with our network of partners we will support your marketing activities in your target country, including trade fairs and customer events. HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT An understanding of cultural differences and local customs becomes even more important once you have to manage employees abroad. We can help you with all your questions about recruitment and general HR issues. ESTABLISHMENT OF A COMPANY Open up a company in the country of exportation quickly, safely and with the minimum possible amount of bureaucracy, and save time and resources in the process. We will work with the relevant experts to assist you with each step of the process or even the entire process. CONTACTS FINDING SALES PARTNERS It is essential to find the right representative, agent, dealer or end-customer. We have a tried and trusted procedure involving a number of steps for doing this. We always rely on cooperation with our official partners in the field. ENTREPRENEUR VISITS You will want to get your own impression of the target market and meet the local decision makers in your sector, potential customers and representatives of administrative bodies. We organize trips designed to take these needs into account. We also regularly organize group trips to various countries, each trip focusing on a different industry. SOCIAL MEDIA Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter: s-ge.com/LinkedIn twitter.com/sge OUR ONLINE TOOLS s-ge.com/marketnavigator s-ge.com/warmup2export s-ge.com/trade4free s-ge.com/xrisk s-ge.com/customstariffs TRADE FAIRS If you want a strong trade fair presence without compromising your ability to achieve your targets while you are there, we can help. Our trade fair team at SWISS Pavilion will support you throughout the process of implementing your presentation, from the preparation stage to the on-site support services and post-processing. We have a consistent and recognizable presence at all major international trade shows. NETWORK With a global network of our own specialists and partners, S-GE can put you in touch with the right contacts wherever you need them. GROWTH IN EXPORTS 7

8) “We have worked very closely with Switzerland Global Enterprise since 2009. Together, we are ideally positioned to meet the needs of the exportoriented companies that are so vital to the national economy. We support them through our broad range of professional products and services. Our customers also gain direct access to S-GE’s country experts and know-how, notably through the Swiss Foreign Trade Forum.” Urs P. Gauch, Head of SME Business Switzerland, Credit Suisse AG, Premium Partner of Switzerland Global Enterprise – member since 1989 Networking at the Foreign Trade Forum

9) Connecting Our events geared to specific countries and industries provide you with an excellent opportunity to meet people with the same business interests as you. The Swiss export industry’s most important rendezvous is the annual Swiss Foreign Trade Forum. Each year the best export solutions are recognized with the Export Award. S-GE’s SWISS Pavilion provides an all-round package of services to support participation at leading international trade fairs. SECTOR/COUNTRY EVENTS Extend your knowledge of foreign markets and use our events to build up your network of contacts. Get first-hand information and hear other entrepreneurs explain their successful export strategies. Qualified speakers representing specific industries, countries and specialist areas pass on their particular expertise. You never know: this may be where you come across an exciting idea for your next export project! SWISS PAVILION Our SWISS Pavilion are designed to give SMEs a chance to show off their products and services to a wide audience abroad, shoulder to shoulder with other Swiss providers, and all under the umbrella of the “Swiss” brand. S-GE maintains a presence at over 20 trade fairs a year. We will give you advice on every aspect of your presentation, from the initial design to implementation, and will look after all the arrangements with the trade show organizers. Appearing as part of the SWISS Pavilion will give you the advantage of having a stand that is exceptionally well presented and in a prime position, so that you can concentrate on your job of presenting your products and services and acquiring new customers. SWISS FOREIGN TRADE FORUM The Swiss Foreign Trade Forum is an annual meeting place for CEOs, company owners, heads of export and marketing, and experts in the field of export trade. Every spring, this is the place where representatives of successful international companies and renowned specialists convene to provide a stimulus for the Swiss export industry. The industry presentations, panel discussions and informative “Impulse Sessions” combine to form an indispensable package of knowledge on the topic of internationalization. Built-in breaks for networking afford participants an opportunity to make contacts among the key figures of the Swiss export economy. You will be able to explore the full range of export opportunities available to you and talk to our country experts and the heads of our 21 Swiss Business Hubs. Our qualified market experts will be happy to provide you with no-obligation information on the markets from first-hand experience. EXPORT AWARD SWISS Pavilion: strong presence at trade fairs Companies from Switzerland and Liechtenstein can compete for this annual award, given in recognition of an export project that achieves particular success, both in terms of its concept and realization. The Export Award looks at the whole process behind the project, starting with the planning and organization and continuing through to its potential for further development. It highlights innovative examples of Swiss export success and serves as an incentive to others. The Export Award has two categories: “Step-in” for a recent marketing success, , and “Success” for export projects which have been running successfully in the , target market for at least three years. Export Award presentation with Supervisory Board President Ruth Metzler-Arnold FURTHER INFORMATION s-ge.com/events s-ge.com/awf GROWTH IN EXPORTS 9

10) Business Expertise We can identify your potential export markets thanks to our presence in the field. Our experienced specialists can give you advice which focuses specifically on local conditions and opportunities. Coupled with our knowledge of individual countries we also have extensive expertise in a range of specific industries. By taking an approach to business opportunities which focuses both on the country and the industry we can evaluate them thoroughly, quickly generate cross-referenced links and provide a comprehensive network of information. FOCUS ON MARKET AND SECTOR S-GE has extensive knowledge of all the main international growth sectors. Thanks to our close contacts with the relevant export industries and their associations, and a worldwide presence which includes all the most important markets, S-GE always has its finger on the economic pulse. We provide targeted advice to companies operating in all sorts of industries, always ensuring their specific requirements are taken into consideration. We always factor in the latest developments in the individual target markets and can identify all the most promising prospects for you. PRIORITY SECTORS S-GE places a strong emphasis on growth industries in which Swiss SMEs display high levels of expertise and competitiveness. The potential of industries such as food, ICT, life sciences or mechanical and electrical engineering, is particularly underdeveloped abroad. In these focus sectors we work closely with the relevant Swiss trade associations, provide industry-specific reports and organize events and entrepreneur visits. However, even if you do not work within one of these sectors we will still be able to offer support: thanks to our international network we can provide you with important infor-mation and contacts in locations all around the world.

11) Membership Switzerland Global Enterprise values its 2,213 THE BENEFITS As a member you will benefit from attractive discounts on chargeable services and receive exclusive special offers. Membership helps support and promote the exchange of knowledge and networking among decision-makers in SMEs with an international orientation. members and provides them with valuable privileges: S-GE members are informed on export topics rapidly and comprehensively. They enjoy opportunities to meet useful contacts face-to-face and virtually and benefit from a wide range of attractive free services, as well as exclusive benefits. “We’ve been a member of Switzerland Global Enterprise since 1989.” Daniel Bloch, Owner and CEO, Chocolats Camille Bloch SA, Courtelary “I’m happy to pay the subscription because the Switzerland Global Enterprise network enables me to develop business more quickly.” Christoph Lang, Managing Director, Agro-Hygiene AG Wald / Living Power AG, Laupen “I’d like to say a big ‘thank you’ to the S-GE team for the excellent get-together event for members on the subject of ‘Overcoming contractual stumbling blocks in new international deals’ It was very interesting, with useful . practical information put across in a stimulating way. At the same time, there was also plenty of opportunity to talk to the other participants and exchange ideas. A superb event. Thank you.” BECOME A MEMBER TODAY! s-ge.com/member s-ge.com/joinusnow member@s-ge.com Paul Eberle, Area Manager International Sales and Head of Marketing International Sales, Bauwerk Parkett AG, St. Margrethen GROWTH IN EXPORTS 11

12) ExportHelp s-ge.com/exporthelp exporthelp@s-ge.com T 0844 811 812 Switzerland Global Enterprise Stampfenbachstrasse 85 CH-8006 Zürich T +41 44 365 51 51 Switzerland Global Enterprise Corso Elvezia 16 CH-6901 Lugano T +41 91 601 86 86 Switzerland Global Enterprise Avenue d’Ouchy 47 – CP 315 CH-1001 Lausanne T +41 21 545 94 94 s-ge.com info@s-ge.com PREMIUM PARTNER STRATEGIC PARTNERS XL Group Insurance OFFICIAL PROGRAM © SWITZERLAND GLOBAL ENTERPRISE | March 2015 | All rights reserved